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The Futuretech HR Summit is an effort to comprehensively bring together the future of HR. The stringent aim is to talk about the untalkable and serious challenges faced by HRs across all industries and countries. This event will bring together HR leaders and key decision-makers from across a diversity of industries to learn, benchmark, and build winning people strategies.

The event will gather globally leading professionals who will provide a platform to discuss trends, strategies, challenges and the solution-based approach to improving the quality of true human capital in your organization. With a belief to plan a future-ready HR approach, the event will spotlight on trends, talent acquisition, employee engagement, AI Impact and forces shaping the future of HR.

This event will provide you with an opportunity to learn from highly engaging speakers making sure that your takeaway is not limited to networking but learning that will enrich your workplace. Futuretech HR Summit is a unique event created especially for HR professionals & People Managers who closely work with talent. We understand that being able to find talent is one thing but being able to sustain that talent is a challenge the HR team struggles with most often.

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